Handling A Detour On The Road To Reinvention

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In the last few years I have become quite the planner. I learned from Tara Marino at Elegant Femme that when there are things you want for yourself, "if it doesn't get on the calendar, it doesn't happen." So I schedule in not only business and family events, but all the fun experiences I want to have in complete detail. I had vowed that this summer was going to be a "real" … [Read more...]

Seven Steps to Reinvention

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I have been on the "Road To Reinvention" for a few years now and it all started with a decision. I knew I was unhappy, bored, working too much, and really had lost myself both physically and mentally. I would look in the mirror and wonder, "Is that really what I look like?" I was so used to saying "yes" to doing for others; my son, husband, mom, or a client, that I did not know … [Read more...]

On the Road to Reinvention with a Baby Alpaca

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Recently my husband and I purchased a cria, which is a baby alpaca. We didn't actually buy it outright. We are taking part in a program that our friend, Cindy Harris, the owner of Alpacas at Windy Hill, put together. The program gives us the opportunity to pay for the board and care of a pregnant alpaca and when the baby is born, we will own it. Our "Baby Mama" is named Alope … [Read more...]

10 Things Every Woman Needs to Open Her Own Business

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We’ve partnered with TelcoDepot.com to share this awesome information. Women have started home-based businesses at a higher rate than men over the last few years. 71% of home businesses are operated by women (versus 61% of men), according to the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report. If you are an ambitious woman, you could take inspiration from Arianna Huffington, … [Read more...]

This is My Mother

2This is My Mother

In honor of Mother's Day, Imperfect Women, along with some good friends and family, are sharing a few special thoughts about our mothers. This is beautiful. This is strength. This is love. This is my mother.   Lily ~ My mother is happiest when she's busy. It's almost impossible to get her to slow down and rest a bit. Our family has never had enough of my mom's … [Read more...]

Women Can Have it All — Except Sex!

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In Laurie Penny's piece for Salon, she made the following statement that really hit home for me: "The women of my generation were told that we could ‘have it all’, as long as ‘it all’ was marriage, babies and a career in finance, a cupboard full of beautiful shoes and terminal exhaustion – and even that is only an option if we’re rich, white, straight and well behaved. These … [Read more...]

Being Smart Has Never Been So Sexy

Being Smart Has Never Been So Sexy

By Talia Hunter Blame it on Elizabeth Bennett. In 1813 she traded elegant barbs with Mr Darcy, and smart women everywhere sat up and took notice. Elizabeth wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Darcy even admitted to her, “By you, I was properly humbled.” What a revelation Elizabeth must have been back in 1813! She laid the groundwork for all the super-smart heroines who … [Read more...]

The DIY Cover Shoot!

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One of the drawbacks of not having a big publishing house behind you is that you have to do your own author photos and cover designs. Mary T. Wagner shares how her cover shoot elevated the “do-it-yourself” experience to the realm of high comedy. by Mary T. Wagner There are a lot of up sides to being what I call a “DIY” author, one of the zillions of writers out there … [Read more...]

Virginia’s Score

Apgar score

By Silvio Aladjem MD Prenatal Care was nonexistent at the dawn of the 20th century. The first clinics for prenatal care were opened in Boston in 1900. A few nurses and doctors thought it would be a good idea to see pregnant patients throughout pregnancy. The hope was to be able to detect a rise in blood pressure and make an early diagnosis of toxemia, now known as … [Read more...]

How to Live Happily Ever After with Super People

Super People

By Paula Altenburg Nothing is more humbling than being the Imperfect Woman who lives with Superman. My husband—fondly referred to as the Foreign Guy by our children—raises the meaning of the word competent to whole new levels.  He thrives on disaster. During a hurricane, the family voted him Most Likely to Survive an Apocalypse.  I, on the other hand, was voted Most … [Read more...]