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Last Chance Proposal by Barbara DeLeo*Jen received a free copy of Last Chance Proposal by Barbara DeLeo from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are her own and were not influenced by the method in which she received the book.

If you’re looking for a genuinely heartwarming Christmas story to get you through this crazy month, look no further. Last Chance Proposal (LCP) is just the book you’ve been waiting for! There’s no way this book won’t leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face. Set in New Zealand, LCP is a super sweet, charming tale of second chance romance. With a beautiful setting, wonderful Christmas traditions and a couple of kids that will steal your heart, you’re likely to devour LCP in one sitting, like I did.

While LCP is a story of second chance romance, it’s also a story about family, devotion, and the lengths that one will go to to protect their child. Cy returns home to New Zealand, from Colorado to try and get his childhood love, Ellie, to agree to marry him so that he can get custody of his young son, Jonty. You may think you’ve read that book before, but trust me when I say that there’s a twist here that makes this book worth the read. I desperately want to tell you all about Jonty, but for the sake of not ruining what I think is the best part of this story, I’ll just say he’s so special, such an important piece to this story, there’s no way that boy won’t suck you in and have you rooting for him.

To say that Ellie is surprised to see Cy after nearly a decade of silence is an understatement. And then he drops the proposal bombshell on her, which just seems crazy-pants. I admit, initially I wasn’t totally sold on the “you have to marry me so I can have my son” line but once you see how committed Cy is to Jonty, how he would do ANYTHING in the world to have him each and every day, to help him heal, you understand why he wants Ellie. I also think deep down, Cy never got over Ellie, and this is his chance to have everything he wants – his son at home with him, and Ellie beside him. It’s obvious that Ellie hasn’t gotten over Cy, either. They have an instant connection that is undeniable, even after 10 years. And yet, even while they are trying to figure out the logistics of their new relationship, the well-being of Jonty remains of the focus of not just Cy, but now of Ellie too.

I was surprised at what a family feel this book has. There is romance but the main focus of everyone is Jonty and for me, he really stole the show. I enjoyed Cy and Ellie’s tug of war with each other while they figured out their issues. I loved all of the New Zealand Christmas traditions, that just made the beach setting so unique and memorable, in my opinion. But my absolute favorite part of this book is the friendship that Jonty has with Ellie’s nephew, Louis. It was inspiring, heartwarming, and really made this book stand out to me.

My Rating: 4 stars

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