2015 Vacation Time Event Giveaway


Welcome to the 2015 Vacation Time Event hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by A Mom's Paradise, Susie's Reviews & Giveaways, Michigan Savings & More, Mom 'N Daughter Savings, Maple Mouse Mama, Southern Mom Loves, Imperfect Women and Momma Without a Clue. It's that time of year when school is winding down, vacations are planned or being planned and the whole … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

save money utility bills

Does it seem like the cost of household utilities goes up each month? The truth is, your cable, phone, internet, water, and electric bills can all add up, leaving you with little cash after everything is paid. If you are frustrated from high utility bills and need relief, take a look below at 7 ways to save money on utility bills. With a little work and creativity, you will … [Read more...]

Muay Thai Training in Thailand – The Perfect Way to Excellent Health

Thai Boxing

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Suwit Muay Thai. All views and opinions are honest and of my own. Muay Thai is a combat sport and martial art that includes punching and kicking in which the participants need to stay on their feet if they don’t want to lose the match. Recently, Muay Thai has become a very popular form of exercise. It is included in many fitness and … [Read more...]

Easter Petit Fours

Easter desserts

The term petit fours is traditionally used to describe the miniature cookies and cakes that accompany an afternoon coffee or tea or that are served after a meal. Petit Four is a French term that means "small oven". In 19th century France, there were no gas ovens. Most food items were baked in a breadmaker's oven that was a huge cabin made out of stone. They would light a … [Read more...]

Vacuuming Made Easy with iRobot® Roomba® 870 – #iRobotatBestBuy

roomba slider

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. I was so excited the day I learned that I would be receiving an iRobot® Roomba® 870 from Best Buy to review. I love a clean house...so much so that my husband calls me the "unhoarder," among other things. "Queen of Clean" comes to mind … [Read more...]

Easter Cupcake Chicks


Have fun with these adorable Easter Cupcakes this holiday season. Ingredients: Start with your favorite cupcakes, baked, cooled and ready to frost! We used Pillsbury Funfetti box mix. Swiss Butter Cream Recipe 4 egg whites 1 cup sugar 3 sticks butter, softened 1 tsp vanilla Frosting Directions: In a small pan on the stove, mix egg whites and sugar together … [Read more...]

How to Plan the Ultimate Garage Sale

garage sale

A garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash while clearing away your clutter. Now that warmer days are ahead, it is time to start planning a garage sale of your own. Take a look below at some helpful tips for how to plan the ultimate garage sale. When you give these tips a try you can be sure you clear away the most clutter and make the most cash! 1. Decide on the … [Read more...]

Our World Before Birth


The evolution of our understanding the development of the baby prior to birth is a fascinating and ongoing story in obstetrics. It is fair to say that during the first half of the 20th century, the general consensus was that the pregnant uterus was protective and inviolable. What we knew about the fetus was minimal and much of it was wrong. The advent of the amniocentesis in … [Read more...]

Sensible Ways to Organize Your Purse

Purse Organization

Do you feel as though your purse has turned into a bottomless pit of no return? Are you tired of wasting time rummaging for items, or losing items entirely? Then it may be time to get organizing. Take a look below at our sensible ways to organize your purse so that it can be more functional and effective for everyday use. And no worries, as getting your purse organized are … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Less

Home decorating

Do you love to decorate your home? Or, perhaps you love to switch up your spaces often. If you love to put personality into your space, you might be wondering how to do so for less. Take a peek below at 7 ways to decorate your home for less and get more bang for your décor buck! It is easier than you might think. Here is how you can get started! 1. Trade with … [Read more...]