Are Jon and Kate Gosselin Headed Back to Court?

By Ann

Kate Gosselin watchers know by now the place to find the latest buzz on Kate is on Twitter. This morning is no different. A new Twitter account opened today asking Kate if Jon is going to court for non-payment of child support.  Kate responded, “I don’t know if he’s going to court but wouldn’t surprise me….How do you know this stuff?!?” Her Tweeter claimed that her niece works for the court system (she did not specify which one) and saw “the” file. At that, Kate tweeted, “Like I said, I can’t talk about court orders/numbers….”

Within minutes, “Administrator” of the Gosselin site 15 Minutes, Gosselin Style commented quite liberally about her reaction to this twitter exchange. Administrator has shared that she is a lawyer practicing in family law, though not in PA, so I was interested in what she had to say about this! She commented:

“FYI, Kate knows full well why Jon is going to court and it has nothing to do with child support.  She can stop playing dumb now.  This is information I unfortunately had to sit on for a couple weeks but now that the cat is out of the bag, it’s about CUSTODY, Kate and you full well know it. “

Is Jon Gosselin suing for more time with his children? What we have read recently about Jon sharing a home in the woods with his mother and enjoying steady employment as an IT engineer might suggest that he is ready to have his children more than the two weekends a month. What do you think?

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  1. Sage says

    I don’t think that Jon would be suing for more time than his two weekends a month. Kate has said in the past that she would welcome Jon seeing the kids more so he wouldn’t have to sue. As far as Jon getting full or even 50/50 custody I would have a hard time believing given Jon’s frequent job hops. Also, if true (ahem) Jon selling stories to the tabs about the kids I find it hard to believe the Judge would grant any type of permanent custody.

  2. Chardonnay says

    That would be great, if true! Unfortunately, I think that more time with the kids is not what Jon wants, especially now that his private life is seeming to involve more invitations/appearances.

  3. CoCoPuff says

    Whatever is up Jon’s sleeve regarding his children ~ Jon’s intentions are to benefit himself first and foremost !

  4. Mo says

    I smell a set up. How convienent that Admin has been sitting on custody news and all it takes is a few tweets from “Hola3972″ for her to reveal what she’s been sitting on for “weeks”. Give me a break. This is what Admin needed to get her “news” out.

  5. CoCoPuff says

    And on top of this so called news BL was sitting on ~LMAO
    She came out with a hater M. O. which is to accuse another of doing what you do and did.

    It is obvious BL was behind that tweet~ BL has many reasons for pulling this stunt.
    I think BL has been sitting on something but I don’t think it was ( inside info )~LOL

  6. Deborah says

    Since I was on twitter when this shook down I can say I’m not sure what it was all about. Since haterville is well known for setting things up to APPEAR a certain way one can never know until we see what if anything shakes down.
    15min admin seems to have a inside source that feels to me like she feeds her pablum made up with the ingredients admin most wants to hear. It looks like a pennmommy type personality to me holding the spoon playing the airplane game.
    Kate has said her and the kids would love more custody with Jon.
    No one knows how Jon gets payed or if his work checks are garnished by the state. What I mean is. Jon could be being paid in commissions per job. Not a regular check to get garnished and up to him to stay current. Could be tax time came around and not enough was earned or with held to cover child support.
    It doesn’t sound to me like he pays enough to make or break Kate one way or another.
    If he does have plans to sue for custody so he doesn’t have to pay or so Kate has to pay him he has a hard row to hoe.

  7. Lily@IW says

    Kate said she didn’t know and BL says she is lying. Uhm, they would both know about it, the judge isn’t supposed to talk to one side w/o the other side being present. (no exparte communication).
    BL is so crazy screaming about the privacy of the kids, when she tries to dig out top secret info on the family. Just put another notch on the hypocrite belt.

  8. Judy says

    It was so obvious that this was a set up… I saw it as it unfolded and within minutes, all the regular hard care haters were their to spin their lies and blame this on Kate. They SET HER UP and are gleefully waiting for her to fall.

  9. Deborah says

    Kate didn’t do or say anything wrong, its her twitter. Someone asked her a question and Kate said she didn’t know and asked where Hola got her info. Once she was told she put on the breaks and said she can’t discuss court issues.

  10. Mo says

    I don’t think Kate did anything wrong either. She didn’t reveal anything. Admin is the one who is now giving “details”.

  11. Rosemary says

    IMO: The BL aka the BKIA is a liar and delusional. Deborah is right, Jon could be a 1099 employee, therefore, no salary to garnish. The amount that is being mentioned sounds about right ($40.00 per day = 5 x 8 = lunch money) which is what Kate said that he is/was paying. It is entirely possible that Kate has not received word from her lawyer or the court papers on the child support hearing. A person working in the court system would have information before others would. Since Ellen has moved and is not paying the expenses, Jon could have fallen behind, but yet he had the funds to fly to LA. Child support should come first. I agree with all you that have stated your opinion that Jon should spend more time with his children, and I think that Kate would support that.

  12. MarieS says

    This will be interesting since there is a court order that prohibits J&K from talking about it and after the last time they added passing the information. So I sure hope that the niece ends up on the stand. But since no one can talk about it, we may never know. Right.

  13. Paula says

    Kate will do anything for attention. She must have been worried about the Kate blackout that’s in her near future and that kills her that even the non fans won’t be talking about her constantly.

  14. Lily@IW says

    That’s exactly right Mo, and that’s what I don’t understand about these people. They try to expose (all the while lying and twisting) every little detail while pretending to care about the privacy of the children, (all the while Jon is a saint and Kate is evil and abusive…and wrong, lol, always always wrong). Admin was the one who said this is about custody. She could not wait to out her little secret. That would cast suspicion on her as far as any type of setup. They are certainly quick to blame Kate, but she made it clear she can’t talk about court orders. I doubt there’s any date and I hope BL learns a lesson, but she won’t.

  15. CoCoPuff says

    IA Shawn BL jumped on this way to quickly ~ it is so obvious she is behind it and I didn’t even need the trusty hater 8 ball to tell me this.

  16. PattyPie says

    Oh my #20 you do realise that a “Kate black out” has been tried before right? I think the hate tweeters lasted about 2 minutes and some even refused to join.

    If a “kate black out” — as in no antifans or haters tweeting or blogging about Kate for even 6 hours I will make homemade monkey munch. I will wrap the MM in glassine bags, tie them with grosgrain ribbon and I will send them to all the haters. I will also attach a personal note written by hand telling each and every one of them how sorry I was to have doubted their restraint when it comes to Kate.

    Love, Patty

  17. Mo says

    Paula says:
    April 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    Kate will do anything for attention. She must have been worried about the Kate blackout that’s in her near future and that kills her that even the non fans won’t be talking about her constantly.


    Oh please. A blackout? LMAO Didn’t the tweeters try to stop including @kateplusmy8 on twitter? How long did that last? Less than a day?

  18. MarieS says

    PattyPIe –
    I think the next time they announce a Kate black out we should all start a pool. I’ll believe there is a black out when the hate blogs shut down. that’s laughable.

  19. PattyPie says

    Mo I believe the last black out lasted as long as it took some hate tweeters to tweet back and say they weren’t going to stop hating on Kate because they enjoyed it too much.
    Oh and I think they included Kate in the tweet…LOL

  20. PattyPie says

    I wonder if the BL knows the last time the haters got some good “inside info” it was from a woman who called herself PenMommy. Turns out Pen Mommy wasn’t such a great inside source after all.

  21. Deborah says

    Pie #30 I do believe drew was around for the pennmommy scam. Does anyone know if any Bl’s infor source has come to be ?
    It looks to me like this pennmommy personality has latched on to Bl and Bl is ridin’ high. I wonder if she ever even questioned her source.
    Why didn’t Bl know Jon was going to be interviewed saying he was GLAD he was able to be a part of that corrupted TLC reality show.
    I would say Bl’s source doesn’t know much about how Jon feels or thinks about anything.

  22. kimmie says

    sage! always good to see you here!! i’ve missed you!

    Regarding a Kate blackout i wrote this at bl’s…of course she deleted it.

    it seems that there are 2 factions:

    1) Those who don’t want it; they are defined by Kate. What she does, what she wears, what she says, what others say about her. With a blackout they have nothing to do for hours a day and they feel let down and empty. Sad when a person one doesn’t even know has so much power over one.

    2) Those who do want it; they are not as defined by everything Kate, but they take a holier-than-thou approach to life (and Kate in particular). They know that the #1’s will not be able to stand not tearing Kate apart and there venue for their favorite pastime will be back sooner than later.

    Both, IMO, have things in common; they aren’t concerned in the least for the kids, they just use that to denigrate Kate. They really don’t want kate to disappear. That would alter their life and forever change how pious they think themselves.
    bl said a couple of nights ago she had decided not to do a blackout. i truly believe bl is afraid that the loss of momentum in the hate she fosters will mean the end of her blog.

  23. kimmie says

    mo #4 and coco #6 i totally agree! makes sense to me.

    but then so does judy #11 lol

    either way kate said more than once that she cannot talk about court stuff and she didn’t say what the court stuff was even about. to me that is *no comment* in different words. lol

  24. Jen says

    I agree with Debra #13.. Kate did nothing wrong at all… Kate obviously didn’t know about it and so asked the qualifying question re where the person got their information from. Once kate knew this Hola person had correct information from a source in the system Kate clearly told her on at least two occasions that she couldn’t talk about anything to do with court matters and didn’t answer or engage her again. As usual the haters try to blame Kate for it as they do with everything. I believe Kate didn’t know about the pending court case. As I read it it is the State or County Domestic Relations Department of the Courts that are taking Jon to Court…NOT Kate… I am sure they will advise her at some stage.. Well i hope they would…

  25. CJ says

    Do the Kate haters have a life? Any life? These people have to be pscychotic. There could be no other explaination. She and the kids are off TV. Wasn’t that the banner they flew?

    Pattie Pie, maybe you could sneak some medication in their monkey munch. I wouldn’t use ribbon, they could hurt themselves.

  26. Momsby says

    Curious the new account son as Kate said ” no comment, have a great Easter”!

    It’s either a set up or their is a blabbering niece somewhere who is probably going to get sacked!

    Interesting, this stuff always seems to go down on holidays, makes you wonder what kind of home life some of these HATERS must have! Sad, some people can’ t put their anger away for a few days & oh I don’t know enjoy themselves with family or friends & let the Gosselin Family do the same!!

    If I was Kate I’d find this very upsetting, Jon too, that ultimately affects the kids!! Grrrr

  27. Ann@IW says

    I couldn’t believe how fast “the cat was out of the bag.” Boy did the BL know when to spill that insider info.
    I think it’s possible, with his mom nearby, IF she IS nearby, that Jon might have just the dependable sort of person who can help him get more custody.
    Jon might want custody revisited via the court rather than by just asking because then it is not an issue for him if he and Kate want the kids at the same time.
    I am surprised about this “garnishing wages” stuff. I am not divorced but it is my understanding that someone has to seek an order for garnishing wages for child support. Even if Jon were behind, Kate might not necessarily feel it’s worth the investment of time and money to get his wages garnished. Especially if he switches jobs every year or less.
    I think it was clearly a faker hoping Kate would bite and dispute the amount or confirm he was behind or not. She did criticize Jon by saying “it wouldn’t surprise her” if he WAS being taken to court about something. I don’t think she should have said that, but I can. It wouldn’t surprise me either!

  28. Rosemary says

    I wonder if this Hola3792 could be Ellen. To my knowledge, she has not exacted her revenge yet. She would probably be in the “know” about this.

  29. Rosemary says

    Kate might have been thinking about Hailey when she answered the first question or some other creditors. Kate’s last tweet let us know that she will be with the kids for the next four days. It kind of sounded like she had given him a choice of more time, and he refused. IMO.

  30. snickers says

    If Jon was taking Kate to court, Kate would have been served papers, and Kate denied that. The BL will have ugly on her face again and a twitter account can be traced. I’ll bet if anything, Jon is being hauled in by the court for the back cs he owes.

    Hi sage, nice to see ya!

  31. MaryEmDee says

    Hey Sage!!! I miss seeing you and all the other lovely herbs!!

    For Jon to get “custody” as the BL states they would have to prove Kate an unfit mother AND Jon the best interest of the children. Just having his mother near will not grant him more custody. BL is off her rocker- even her terminology is off?!

    As for more visitation time- Kate and the kids would like it. It’s unfair for BL to state otherwise. Her need to be “right” and “win” against Kate is disgusting at best. I wonder if BL has even realized that she really doesn’t weigh in Kate’s life?

  32. Ann@IW says

    I have heard that once custody is decided, the court keeps it that way for awhile, discouraging parents from usng the court system to harass each other. Maybe Jon was given guidelines to follow before he can bring up vistation and custody issues again andhe is trying to do beter. Personally, I think Jon NEEDS a judge to tell him how to behave like proper father sometimes. Selling tabloid stories about your kids’ school issues for child support money (or worse, Taco Bell) is just pathetic.
    To me, the tweets and BL’ comments from yesterday morning make Jon look like he shares info with the BL. But in fairness, she might just have a source who is spinning a bit of the truth to amuse herself at the BL’s expense.

  33. Marnie says

    The haters have run with this story. I have to wonder why none have asked Jon for clarification? He hasn’t been shy about responding to rumors.

    In one breath Kate is called a liar, in the next she’s accused of revealing information about Jon. deep down I think they too realize the real possibility that any child support Jon pays is inadequate considering there are 8 kids involved.

    She said she didn’t know, but somehow she’s really lying and does know but is being sneaky about the info? Really? Anyway you look at that crazy scenerio, the end result is that Jon is going to court, so they must actually believe he is.

  34. Brandy says

    Another possibility is that the judge ordered a hearing at this time to monitor certain situations such as checking Jon’s income to adjust his child support or Kate’s work permits for the kids, or whether they complied with his previous orders. Maybe it has to do with Jon’s book and either information in it that isn’t to be disclosed or how much of the income from it he needs to pay in child support. It could be anything and others just like to spread rumors.

  35. Ann@IW says

    It was somthing to watch the BL spin it yesterday. Her immediate conclusion: “Kate is evil.” I kept hoping for something professional from her, but she is so ridiculously immature about the topic, she can’t be trusted to comment rationally.
    None of the comments from that camp make sense. The BL decided it was a fake Twitter account (I agree) and so it must be Kate! Why would Kate try to trap herself? How does any of this help Kate? As if Kate had nothing to tweet about yesterday, when it’s clear she doesn’t lack for material. It’s Easter. She’s filling 800 plastic eggs. I think that’s enough to tweet about to her fans, who enjoy happy updates about the kids. It’s ridiculous to think she has a diabolical plot to shame Jon on her mind.
    But someone has a plot going. It’s silly, and possibly the result of one too many bottles of wine, but I belive in Internet parlance, the plot is an Epic. Fail.
    The only Gosselin who looked bad was Jon- for sharing info about custody with a loose-lipped friend who told it to the BL- a hate blogger. Jon can be a schmuck, but he doesn’t deserve to be blabbed about by his “supporters” for sport. With friends like those, he doesn’t need enemies.

  36. Ann@IW says

    It may be entirely invented by one of these game playes too. What is so interesting to me is that the BL says she’s been sitting on insider information and was so excited to spill the CUSTODY secret yesterday.

  37. Deborah says

    I totally agree with everything you said Ann.
    Her source sounds to me like a penn mom wanna be and Bl has latched onto her like white on rice. I’ve been watching 15mins the last couple days and its clear to me Bl’s being played. She back peddles then jumps back on. She doesn’t know much about it then Jon’s making his custody move she knew all along he was planning.
    I wonder how she’s going to feel when she realizes she got punked by her ‘source’ I don’t see her letting it go quietly into the night.

  38. Lily@IW says

    I see there is an uproar about the number of eggs Kate is having for her egg hunt.
    They are just a mass of contradictions. They go on about Kate blowing through the kids’ money on herself. They say she’s only thrifty when it comes to stuff for the children. But, then she is too extravagant and spoiling them at Christmas and Easter.

    I wish they’d pick a story and stick to it.

  39. Deborah says

    Now admin is changing her story from Jon going to court about custody not child support cuz Jon PAYS his child support to Jon’s going to court to modify his child support payment. Which is it I wonder, sounds to me like her ‘source’ is being resourceful.

  40. CJ says

    Now Kate’s detractors are complaining about the number of eggs she using for Easter? LOL Is there no minutiae those freaks won’t pounce on? Do they have any idea how absolutely insane they sound? Knowing Kate, she is probably recycling plastic eggs from last year.

    Come to think of it, some folks down the road looked like they were putting an awful lot of eggs in their yard this morning. I better go tell them there are plastic Easter Egg vigilantes on the loose.

  41. CoCoPuff says

    Lily ITA~ Kate’s Evil psycho stalkers find ANY reason to go into hysterics over everything Kate says or does.

  42. Marnie says

    Seriously! The haters scream and whine that Kate shouldn’t even respond to such questions, it’s private, it’s shaming Jon, she should be tarred and feathered for revealing custody issues, but applaud a quick like BL for her big reveal? Where are the ‘custody issues are private’ ‘this shouldn’t be discussed because it hurts the children’ haters when the cause is begging for them over at 15 minutes? What a bunch of slackers!!!!

  43. Marnie says

    I can’t imagine being wound so tight. Personalizing what a celeb chooses to do? Talk about insecurity! Kate tweets she’s making eggs for breakfast, that translates into Kate claiming to be the only Mom who cooks breakfast for her kids. It’s hysterical! She’s stuffing hundreds of eggs, surely it’s only a ploy to make other Mom’s and Jon Gosselin look bad. Good grief! Pull the stick out.

  44. Lily@IW says

    So is there going to be a blackout? (hee hee) Will it be like the TLC protest and the boycotts?
    I thought they wanted labor laws for children in reality tv. Are they in contact w/Murt or contacting their local reps? Or was it that they didn’t want the kids to be filmed anymore?
    Kate’s egg count is much more interesting than all that. 😉

  45. Ann@IW says

    Now admin is changing her story from Jon going to court about custody not child support cuz Jon PAYS his child support to Jon’s going to court to modify his child support payment. Which is it I wonder, sounds to me like her ‘source’ is being resourceful.~ Deborah
    Really? LMAO. What did she do with the comment I copied above? She typed CUSTODY in all caps. And she wanted credit for KNOWNG before anyone else. How does she explain that? Le me guess…no one cares. As long as the topic is “Kate is evil” her posters are as unreasonable as ever.

  46. Deborah says

    I miss read her comment Ann, here the comment I miss read, Looks like your CUSTODY in all caps still stands. She was talking about ROL getting it wrong not HER. (Administrator) said… 104

    Even Radar messes it up when it’s all out there on Twitter. The source on Twitter said Jon was going to court for failure to pay, not that Jon was going to court to modify his payment. They have no credibility. They really are stupid, their reading comprehension is as bad as Kate’s.
    April 7, 2012 10:10 AM

  47. Deborah says

    I still say her ‘source’ is feeding her bs.

    Did y’all see what Jon tweeted to his fans that are just trying to help him BTW.

    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1

    · Open

    Enjoy your Easter weekend, stop posting about stupid court sh*t. Consider your sources people. Dont need drama during the holiday. Thx.

    And to nicely mind YOUR own business.

    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1

    Enjoy this time with your families, no need to worry about mine. Focus on whats important around YOU and YOUR family. Love each other.

  48. CoCoPuff says

    Jon loves his Khater fans when they are attacking Kate along with his kids, but when he is mentioned in their obsession he tells his fans to back off ~LOL

  49. Deborah says

    Marnie #67, Because that is their life, Everything about the Gosselins is their life dontcha know. Jon telling them to focus on their own families and on what’s important in their own lives was most likely a kick in the gut since what’s important in their own lives is his family.

  50. snickers says

    Maybe, cough, Angela, is feeding BL through an ex of Jon’s. Setting her azz up for a great fall. LOL. Of course, the BL dropped Ellen in a flash when the romance was over.
    No way does Jon want custody, he would have to stay home or hire help, do homework, fix meals, clothes shop, dentist, doctor, appts, etc. Jon can’t dress himself, his gig in LA he looked like he rolled out of bed.

  51. Deborah says

    Oh Ann, I was wrong, AGAIN, I just read the ROL story and it doesn’t state that Jon’s going to court to modify his child support, It says he’s going to court for NON payment. So it looks like Bl is the only one who has a problem with reading comprehension but what else is new.

  52. stxmom says

    With as many issues as Jon & Kate had getting along when they first divorced I wouldn’t be surprised that his child support is collected by the state. I do the payroll for our small business, about 20 of our guys have child support orders, in my state every child support order goes through the state system, when there is an adjustment of any kind I usually know before the payor or payee. I have a hard time believing Jon would want more custody, Kate has said she would welcome him seeing the kids more.

  53. Shawn says

    It sounds as if Jon’s tweet was directed to the BL, did she comprehend his message….like MYOB and your source is not credible. She continues to comment on things like she supposedly knows something. How does she know that Kate did not tell Jon that she was in Vegas? hmmmm

  54. snickers says

    Now we all know the haters can’t understand that Jon smacked them all. He said worry about YOU and Your family. He is telling them to butt out.

  55. Rosemary says

    I view Jon’s twitter messages as a sign of maturity (except for the language). I hope that I am not wrong, and it is not just his PR firm telling him what to say. Anyhow, it is Easter morning and I am thinking positive. Have a great Easter everyone.

  56. MarieS says

    Wait, Jon pays $1200 a month? WTH? I heard straight from BL that he is paying $20000 a month. Jon must be mistaken.

  57. Rosemary says

    Marie: I would love to know where there is an IT engineer job that pays that well. I know a list of people more qualified than Jon that would be on their way to stand in line with their resumes. More BS from the BL. I do believe that the 1200. is correct, and that he is probably behind in paying that.

  58. stxmom says

    $1200 is probably correct and Kate is right, that’s barely lunch money. $1200 divided by 8 = $150 per child, divide that by 30 days in a month = $5 per kid per day.

  59. MarieS says

    stxmom –
    I think that if it is $1200 then Kate was very generous when she referred to his employment as mediocre. If you have 8 children and can only afford $5 a day you have a substandard job. He really needs to figure out how to step up. I still say it was his lack of action when her brother and sis-in-law went after her and his subsequent fame whoring that ended a tv show that did provide for his children. He wanted them off tv so now he needs to step up to the plate and help support them. I don’t think buying them lunch everyday is supporting them.

  60. Rosemary says

    Just looked at the INF photos of Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. You can plainly see that a couple of the kids are not Kate’s. Looks like lots of fun. The man in the photo taking pictures looks like the Dad of the other kids.

  61. Judy says

    Kate said there were going to be other kids — family friends — at the Easter egg hunt. Of course the naysayers say she has no friends…

  62. Kmom2 says

    Jon doesn’t want full custody of the kids. That’s a pipe dream of the haters and especially BKIA. If Jon wants more time, Kate has indicated more than a few times that she would welcome that and there would be no expense of court and lawyers. I dont view Jon’s twitter responses as maturity, I just don’t think he wanted to discuss it on twitter or deal with it at the time or he’s not allowed to discuss it. I will give him kudos for responding the way he did. His “friends” worry far too much about his family instead of focusing on theirs. Too bad he can’t do more to get them to deal with their own issues instead of his.

  63. MarieS says

    The problem that Jon has with custody is that courts would not give him more weekends. They would give him more weekdays. So that means homework, school lunches, uniforms cleaned and pressed. No he doesn’t want more not because of the number of days but the kind of days. Courts/mediators do see a difference in weekends and don’t often give one parent all weekends. The only time I’ve seen it was a friend that was getting her degree on a weekend program and even then it was changed back after she graduated.

    I think he is looking for forgiveness for back support. If the TLC contract ended then the dream of TLC money is gone. Plus he is now adding reality appearances to his income producing so he might be looking to change how it is paid. Maybe he’ll just figure out what he owes and send Kate a check. Yeah, that’ll happen.

  64. snickers says

    Marie S,

    I have never heard of cs being forgiven in any case. He needs to be sending a little extra to the court every month to make it up.

  65. Rosemary says

    Marie: I would ask for a certified check, however, like you, I do not see that happening. I can see the court slapping a lien on any book earnings.

  66. MarieS says

    Oh book earnings are easy to hide. First you need a co-writer. Then since the main draw of the book is Jon he would normally get a bigger percentage of profits. But he splits 50/50 with the co-writer and the co-writer gives him a kickback under the table. Tada!

  67. Rosemary says

    Since I am an accountant (now retired), I have worked closely with the IRS on many audits. Hiding money is not easy. If it appears that you are living above what you have reported on your tax returns, then the IRS will come to your home or place of business, and you will have to prove where you got the money for that new car, trip, swimming pool, etc. If you cannot, well you get the picture. If there is a co-writer, both will received a 1099 (for 600.00 or more) from the publishing company and and copies of the 1099’s will be sent to the IRS also. For some reason, people like to report others to the IRS. You might slip by for awhile, but sooner or later most tax cheaters get caught.

  68. Lily@IW says

    So…..guess what? BL has suddenly changed her story. Supposedly, a visitation hearing has already occurred. (BL says custody instead of visitation.) She now says the hearing on Wed is for CS adjustment based on a change in custody. The judge is going to calculate it all up right there in courtroom too. (that’s a jab)
    Forget that both J&K just had a change of income in Feb when the TLC contract ended. Lol, that makes too much sense. BL’s sure sure sure that there has a been a change in visitation and is sticking to that story.
    She’s been over the edge before (OMG!! Kate bought sake!!), but she’s completely lost it lately.

  69. Deborah says

    I know you ladies don’t like or want c/p’s here but doesn’t this sound like becks is sayin’ Jon is her source, who else would the horses mouth be?
    Carmen said… 20

    Admin, the source is a source close to Jon but the stories she tells are not true.
    April 10, 2012 6:11 PM (Administrator) said… 21

    Carmen that’s not my source. I know about that.

    I am not trying to shut you down, I simply don’t report things unless it comes from the horse’s mouth.

    However if there is going to constant I don’t trust your source bellyaching I won’t post anymore about it. It’s not worth it.
    April 10, 2012 6:15 PM

  70. Rosemary says

    Deborah: That might make sense to Carmen and BL, but makes no sense to me. Lilly is right BL is losing it again. Sounds like the BL is so unraveled that she is not able to complete her thoughts and sentences.

  71. Lily@IW says

    Deb, I doubt she means that Jon is the source. She flies off a lot w/o thinking how it reflects back on her. She’s sticking to the story that her source is reliable, but it’s obvious to me that someone played her for a fool.
    What I don’t get, is that there is no outrage from her readers that someone is supposedly leaking private family court information to her (incorrect info, but info). Kate can’t mention she has kids w/o them yelling about the loss of privacy, but BL can reveal info from a sealed cased.

    They have-at Kate for every made up infraction..(accuse, harass, confuse the situation, then blame Kate for the hoopla), but it’s okay for BL to copy from CC’s & Kate’s blog so they won’t get the hits. They sure don’t live up to the standards they have set for Kate. Not by a long shot.

  72. Lily@IW says

    Oh yes, forgot to add that BL is intentionally misleading her readers or the worse attorney ever. She claims that Jon’s CS would be recalculated based on any amount of change in visitation. I know it doesn’t work that way in my state. They want the primary residence of the child to receive the CS. She swears up and down it’s true and even posted part of the PA code (leaving the subdivision out). She doesn’t seem to understand that section to which she’s referring only applies if the child(ren) visitation is 40% or more of their time w/the paying parent as in almost or true split physical custody. She seems to think because it’s on the form, that it applies regardless of the requirements for that rule. Yeesh, I hope single mothers avoid her like the plague.

  73. Kmom2 says

    Ok, I vote for BOTH, misleading her readers and the WORST ATTORNEY EVER. In my state, CS is only changed when there is a change in income, however it could be changed IF the court granted a change in CUSTODY, but never a change in visitation, and the court granting a change in CUSTODY is extremely rare. That BL is so insane, they need to invent a new word to describe her.

  74. Deborah says

    Didn’t Jon always have every other weekend and one day each week day ?
    If I remember right the one week day wasn’t working out for him at the time so that stopped.
    Maybe he’s now able to pick up that one day a week but the child support stayed the same if he took them that day or not.

  75. Lily@IW says

    Deborah, I don’t recall other than the every other weekend. I do remember that he tweeted that he sometime picked them up during the week when allowed and that he wished he could say more.
    I know the silly khaters want everyone to believe that Jon having visitation is an insurmountable task and that it’s necessary for Jon to revisit visitation and custody in court over and over.
    The court wants the kids to see both parents. Jon already filed for full custody when he came back from Utah and then quickly retracted. Do they think the courts are going to let the kids dangle between parents forever?
    I guess BL is going to stick w/this story about CS. The percentage of time for average custody is figured into the formula. It’s for above average time (40%) that an adjustment is required (all to benefit of the child) Otherwise, fathers all over the USA would be filing for reductions over summer breaks.
    btw, BL first stated that she let the cat out of the bag because it would eventually come out, all the time calling Kate a liar. Now, she’s saying there was already a custody change and this supposed hearing on Wednesday is for the judge to personally recalculate the CS. When questioned as to why no media picked up a story about the change in custody, BL’s answer is that the case is sealed, so they can’t get the info. So, BL, and only BL is responsible for all this rumoring and hoopla over a change in custody of the Gosselin children. The children whose privacy she is pledging to protect. LOL, she freaked over Kate mentioning bra shopping w/Mady and Cara but it’s okey dokey for her to bring attention about a custody hearing she claims already happened.

  76. says

    Lily says…So, BL, and only BL is responsible for all this rumoring and hoopla over a change in custody of the Gosselin children. The children whose privacy she is pledging to protect.
    Some actions (and people) just leave you speechless.

  77. Deborah says

    Lily, only in the mind of a deranged attorney, that runs a hate blog is this ok.
    Man oh man, I have no idea how she keeps a job in the court system unless she’s just a paper pusher.
    I guess she isn’t called an ‘unethical’ lawyer for nothing.
    Their is NOTHING about those kids well being she cares about.
    What if, and its a long shot, the info she’s leaking was/is the truth. Couldn’t she suffer some repercussion for leaking info on a sealed case?

  78. Lily@IW says

    Well, now that they’ve given up (didn’t really care) about child labor laws for the Gosselin children, maybe the can work on getting a special CS law just for Jon.
    I’m sure BL is away trying to figure out how to spin this. She made it too big and can’t pretend it never happened as she did w/her gunshot True Grit/Gosselin video.

  79. stxmom says

    If BL is a real lawyer she/he should be reported to the bar association in her/his state. Most of what he/she has stated doesn’t even make sense and much of it is outright lies. Visitation has nothing to do with child support.

  80. Lily@IW says

    Her clients should be the one to report any problems, we just know she’s a nut. I think attorneys just aren’t supposed to practice law in other states, her only obligation to the state in which she’s licensed.

  81. stxmom says

    I hope no one who needs representation uses this lawyer. She/he picks and chooses which part of laws & statues to refer to

  82. Lily@IW says

    Deborah, I have no idea. I do feel for single mothers who may employ her. But, my interest doesn’t expand beyond her Gosselin blogging.
    BL is the problem of her employer and clients. I have no wish to interfere in her personal or work life and doing so shouldn’t be discussed.

  83. Deborah says

    LoL Lily, I just read your comment replying to me then read mine over and had to laugh.
    My tone is very much like that other side.

  84. Ann@IW says

    Catching up on the BLs shenanigans. Ok, now she says this is about VISITATION not custody? After typing CUSTODY in all caps?
    She makes it up as she goes along,

  85. Judy says

    I don’t understand why she see’s this as a win for Jon and a loss for Kate. Kate has said several times that she wished Jon had more time with the kids. Increased visitation does not give Jon primary custody of the kids. Any little victory for Jon makes the haters think that Kate is the loser. It’s in the kids’ best interest to see their father more than four days a month. Why can’t ANYTHING about the Gosselins be reported without blaming it on Kate? (rhetorical question, of course!)

  86. Carol says

    I cannot read at the BL’s much. The level of hatred and the name calling are just so disgusting that I can;t stand it. It is unbelievable that a bunch of grown women who claim fo be professionals think that it is ok to bully someone on a daily basis defies logic. What a bunch of bitter hateful hags. The BL plays them like a fiddle and keeps them whipped into a frenzy all the time,what a bunch of pathetic losers.

  87. Momsby says

    Has it occurrd to any of the Katers that an increase in visitation is a good thing for the whole family? If it makes the kids happy everyone wins including Kate!

    Having had a child who’s Dad was absent for a period, while he got himself together. I think it’s great if Jon’s in a better place & focusing on his kids!

    I CANNOT however wrap my head around the fact that a family lawyer, mothers & fellow women are cheering “suck it Kate” at the prospect of a reduction in CHILD support!! WTH, is wrong with these women? How, does one become so blinded by hate, they think a parent should not have to financially support their kids to the best of their ability?

  88. Rosemary says

    The haters have no joy, and that is so sad. They should be happy that Jon is, as far as we know, going to spend more time with his children. They need this time, and it is only right that he shares the daily duties of child rearing. If this is true, I see it as a win-win for all the Gosselins. Seems like in the past that Jon had some weekdays with them.

  89. Rosemary says

    If anything, Jon’s child support should be increased. The amount that he is paying is ridiculous. It is hard to search for, or, take on a day job when most of your days are spent carpooling, after school activities, cooking etc. When my kids were small and I had to work, my biggest concern was decent childcare. This was also true for after school care. I just cringe when someone calls Kate lazy. It is obvious that they have never had the responsibilities of a home and children. Even one child can keep you running. Don’t tell me, she has help. What help she has is not nearly enough. There is only one of me, and I have someone that comes in and cleans.

  90. snickers says

    I hope Jon can spend more time with his kids, but what Dad who needs to pay cs, can take a few afternoons off. Maybe he and Kate agreed to some weekends. Family court wants Dads to work at least 40 hours a week, and if the BL is telling otherwise, she is not representing clients in any court.

  91. Rosemary says

    Snickers: Dads can make arrangements just like Moms can. In fact, the IT field is one of the more flexible ones. Since people need IT help, sometimes 24/7, flexible shifts are available. I do not know about Jon’s company, but I cannot imagine it being much different from most. In fact, a lot of techs work from home.

  92. snickers says


    I agree, but with Jon’s gigs that he is promoting and attending, I really don’t see much difference in the schedule that was set up. The kids seem to be home at Kates for dinner every night, so he would be spending maybe an hour with them during the week, while school is on.

  93. Rosemary says

    Snickers: School will soon be out. Maybe Jon will get more time in the summer which he should. If he has gigs that come up during his visitation time, if he cannot work out an exchange with Kate, then, like Kate, he can get and pay for his own help to care for the children while he is gone. Kate should not have to be responsible for 87% of the time and 99% of the expense of children that they both had.

  94. Rosemary says

    Deborah: For some reason, this makes me very sad. I agree, he will have more time for his children, but what will he use for money? What kind of arts and crafts is Jon involved with? Maybe he was fired? This is all very confusing, and I am not even related to these people except in spirit.

  95. Rosemary says

    When did Jon become an actor? I see he did not list his solar panel installing job. Wonder why? So many questions, so few answers.

  96. Rosemary says

    I know this divorced couple and every time an alimony hearing was scheduled, he would quit his current job. Finally the judge had enough and assign him an alimony amount. I have heard of fathers doing this also. The timing of Jon’s job loss seems too coincidental.

  97. Deborah says

    IMO no matter what level of income Jon reaches a huge chunk of it is going to go to child support.
    8 kids are going to eat it up.
    Being self employed is about the only way he could hide it ? I don’t really know if he could manage to hide it how it would all come out in the wash, I just know from reading up on how they set the support amount it has to do with what you make. From what I understand no matter how much you make or how many dependents you have they can only take 50 maybe 60%. Jon would have to make tons of money to feel like he’s not always scrimping for money.
    Or find someone to take him in and not mind paying for his living expenses.

  98. Momsby says

    If there was a hearing & Jon was not the conquering hero 15 thinks he is..The BL will not keep her readers informed.. She’ll just sweep it under the rug again!

  99. Judy says

    I thought Jon just posted a few weeks ago how much he liked his job but hated the clients… Smart move, huh??

  100. Deborah says

    Well Rosemary, who else loves ya like your mama ?
    Unless he can attract a girlfriend that has her own money and doesn’t mind being the ‘wallet’ in the relationship. (and so far that hasn’t happen for him)
    I feel for him somewhat. He is under a huge burden.

  101. Deborah says

    Momsby, I don’t know how Bl is going to keep spinning it for her readers before it can’t be denied they all put their money on a dead horse.
    Jon just isn’t that ‘white knight’
    I’m not in any way saying he doesn’t love his kids I’m just saying he knows there isn’t any abuse and lets face it he’s no Saint.
    I do believe he knows how to work the haters in his favor but how hard is that. All he has to be is divorced from Kate and he’s already won 80% in his favor no matter what he’s really up too.

  102. Rosemary says

    Jon seems to bring these situations on himself. I think the “huge” burden is on Kate. It might have just gone to 100% on her shoulders. Since he seems to be capable of working and earning, I cannot cut him any slack on this.

  103. Deborah says

    I remember that tweet too Judy, it went something like “I love my job but the clients can be a pain in the ass” something like that.
    Working for himself maybe he’s in more of a position to pick & choose his clients ?

  104. CoCoPuff says

    Jon has ALWAYS had a problem KEEPING a Job ~Kate even speaks about his problem in the book Multiple Blessings.
    Either he quit or got fired does not matter ~ IMO a man/father of 8 kids would do whatever it takes to support them.
    Sadly I haven’t seen that from Jon~ all I see is EXCUSE’S for him and from him.

  105. Deborah says

    Last night when Bl’s readers needed her to explain Jon’s change in employment I had to read this part a few times and I’m still bewildered.
    Admin said..(snip) “I doubt he would be getting a house or asking for a reduction in child support without steady income.”
    Here I would think someone would be asking a judge for a child support reduction because they (lost or quit) one of their jobs. (have less income)
    Silly Me huh.

  106. Deborah says

    I just hope Kate did something smart with all the child support that was held in escrow ? or whatever it was called when the divorce was finalized. Jon’s attorney List a year later let it slip it was 20,000 or 22,000 a month. We know that account depleted some time ago but Kate knew when that was gone (knowing Jon’s job history) support coming from him would be skimpy at best.
    She still collected a good amount of money for a time and I just hope she invested it wisely.

  107. Judy says

    The Katers are already blaming everything on Kate… Like Kate can publish Jon’s name on a state list of deadbeat dads. They think it’s great that he only owes $3600… That’s because his money from TLC was put in escrow and he couldn’t get his hands on it! What a loser!

  108. PattyPie says

    Oh my …always a good excuse for ole Jon. It’s really amazing how Kate controls the world! Good thing we are on her good side!

    I hope Jon has some appreciation for Kate simply because his children don’t go without because he misses his support payments. That isn’t the case for every child when Dad doesn’t pay support.

  109. GeeWhiz says

    Wow, I can’t believe the haters will defend Jon when he owes money for his kids support. This blows their claims to care about the kids! Of course, we already knew they care nothing about the kids and are driven by their hate for Kate.

  110. Mojito says

    Just a thought.. I see where people are questioning how ROL got the info w/ no SSN. If Jon really did sell stories to ROL (remember the old lunch story) then ROL would have Jons SSN to report what they paid to him to the IRS…

  111. MarieS says

    Mojito –
    Good catch on the SSN. Most counties in MN let you search on full name so you don’t even need a SSN. I know that internet security people always say, don’t be fooled into thinking I can’t find all your information without a SSN.

    Hmm, so I’m thinking if the TLC contract was up in Feb that Jon had a new $ amount as of March. It’s April and he’s in hot water with CS. So that $3600 might possibly one months support. I have to say if they are really that prompt with delinquents, I’m impressed with Buck’s county. This does mean to me that Jon was the one that wanted to go to court to reduce the amount he is required to pay.

  112. Kmom2 says

    Kate is a smart woman, and she knows better than anyone else the problem Jon has working for a living so I have no doubt she is well prepared to take care of the kids. The idiot haters on ROL are all crowing “he’s been paying all along”…lol if he was paying all along, why is he behind? It truly is disgusting how Jon is defended by these desperate losers.

  113. Judy says

    I cannot believe that they are blaming this on Kate. The STATE keeps a record of who is in arrears and Kate has nothing to do with that. I doubt that ROL would publish that info without seeing it.

    Anything bad printed about Kate is gospel. Anything bad printed about Jon is false.
    The Katers have an incredibly screwed up sense of values. Jon’s work record should speak for itself. Kate has not thrown Jon under the bus on this one. He’s done it to himself.

  114. GeeWhiz says

    The haters believed he went to court and had his child support payments reduced and won more custody without any proof yet they won’t believe ROL when they have a print from the child support system? OMG, these people are ridiculous.

    When Jon stopped the show I remember Kate saying they don’t get paid when they do not film. Don’t think TLC has been paying them since last year.

  115. CoCoPuff says

    I do not venture to the dark side but am curious to what EXCUSE BL is giving for her so called BS exclusive story that just blew up in her face?

    Also, it doesn’t matter what the amount a father owes~ if he is not paying what he was ordered he is considered a DEAD BEAT Dad in the court system.

    BL should know that~LOL

  116. Rosemary says

    I am sure Jon quit his job to prepare for his book tour. That is very time consuming you know. He is probably interviewing bodyguards and photographers.

  117. snickers says


    Better send that great Monkey Munch to the Bl.:) In my state if you are behind in support, the state hauls you in to court. Jon will pay all court fee’s and interest on this. The BL”s source set her up for the big dump and I am LOL at her advice she throws to the wind.

  118. Deborah says

    Ann, I can hear Bl saying this…..’Well of course Jon let his child support slide because he was granted more custody and he’s waiting for the judge to reset it, I see this happen all the time, the judge will often tell them to not pay it until he readjusts it’

  119. kimmie says

    becks is suspiciously quiet. lol. the hypocrisy is what gets me; sheeple believe kate no matter what…and yet in the face of proof that bl doesn’t know as much as she claims to the sheeple of hers justify justify justify.

  120. CoCoPuff says

    What really astounds me~ it is WOMAN backing Jon for NOT paying CS.
    And these same WOMAN claim to be Child advocates.

  121. kimmie says

    i cant believe…ok i really can…a poster at 15 said *i will not comment, i will not comment admin says we should blah blah blah if that s not a sheeple i have no idea what is.

  122. kimmie says

    oh my gosh! jeananne just posted that having a story about their dad HURTS THE CHILDREN. she said get that cj you hurt the children, not jon, not kate. what do they think the stories about kate do?

  123. Deborah says

    I don’t think its a question of believing or not believing Kate’s every word. The choices Kate makes for herself or her kids doesn’t concern me/us. Its none of our business.
    If she had her tata’s fixed up and when asked said she didn’t that means 0 to me. She does manage to keep them talking tho.

  124. Lily@IW says

    I need to catch up on the IW articles. I want to see what the one w/the pic of the Barbie cake is all about.
    The few crazies that are left have proven beyond a doubt that they are willing to believe anything to keep on hating Kate. They are not for the children, they are nothing but fans of Jon. Crazy fans of Jon, whom they emasculate daily. They act as if he is incapable of taking care of himself and his children, all the while singing his praises as a parent.
    BL’s followers are nothing but hypocrites. It’s fine for Jon to work at home, it’s fine for him to write a book, to twitter, to be in the public eye, to speak about his kids, to party on weekends, etc. and so forth.

  125. Lily@IW says

    Also, I don’t get why they’re all upset, except that there was a negative story about Jon. The last story about Jon’s CS, he was way more behind than that. Apparently, he’s caught up somewhat.
    Lol that BL was played. She’ll never admit she was wrong about the hearings or correct herself about PA CS code (she was WRONG WRONG WRONG). Narcissists are like that. :)

  126. ruth richardson says

    just read the comments and i have to put my two cents in for what it’s worth = 0 but reason tells me that TLC quit paying jon anything like 20,000.00 a month. i believe his “contract” involved only court orders as a result of the lawsuit. maybe residuals. i believe the state bringing jon in on Child support is based on the 1200.00 a month that was reported by the insider and jon was behind for 3 months! 3 x 12=3600. jon is so far from being even near 20,000. a month.

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