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About Imperfect Women

Imperfect Women is a news and information source offering original compelling content and a safe, secure place for busy, clever women of all ages to come and be heard. Imperfect Women was founded by a diverse group of eight opinionated women whose ages span 4 decades. Our aim is to reach women of a variety of political/social viewpoints and stages in life. Though we do not always agree about politics, religion and life issues, we all respect and value the opinions of other women. We battle the tendency for others to judge mothers, wives and working women against an impossible ideal. We believe each woman’s choices about her life and family should be respected, not vilified. We share one common trait: we are all “works in progress.”

Editorial Process

Each item on the site must be the original thoughts of one of the writers or be sourced to a reputable website including but not limited to blogs, newspapers, and magazines, that have demonstrated responsibility and accuracy in their works.

Please send all inquiries regarding guest posts to writeforus@imperfectwomen.com.
Please send all general inquiries to info@imperfectwomen.com.

Meet the Imperfect Women Team

…..and find out their biggest imperfection.


Pam Buttikofer

Pam Buttikofer is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Imperfect Women, where she oversees all business operations. Prior to founding ImperfectWomen.com she was a Registered Nurse -BSN. She completed her School Nurse Credential and a Fellowship with the School Health Leadership Program at Rutgers. Pam enjoyed working in the field of nursing for over 33 years before retiring in 2010 when she decided to change her career path and focus on Imperfect Women. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 36 years and enjoys spending time with her husband, sons and her lovable pups.

“At the age of 58, I still struggle with the concept that I should be able to put myself first at times and my family second.


Ann Kinney 

“I admit it: I am a terrible driver. I am afraid of highways, toll booths, and am directionally-challenged. I am often lost and do not even know it, because everything always looks familiar, having been lost there before.”

Lily Doe 

Lily Doe has written for ImperfectWomen.com since 2009. She has never been shy about sharing her opinion and enjoys writing on a variety of topics. Her life’s focus is sharing good times with family and friends.

“Getting closer to 50, I am resigned to repeatedly finding out that “No, I don’t have it all under control.”  And, hearing myself say “I completely forgot” and “Where did I put that?”

Anya Tennyson

Anya@IW has written for ImperfectWomen.com since 2009. She dutifully follows current events and pop culture and loves having a platform to share her imperfect opinions.

“Tendency to be extremely literal minded. I’m the girl who never gets the joke the first time it is told!”

Jennie Doonan

Jennie has contributed to Imperfect Women since its inception in 2009. She writes about politics, celebrity news, and anything else that catches her interest.

“Stoic I am not. I admire the stiff-upper-lipness of 19th century English novel heroines, but I have a long way to go myself in that regard. When I’m not happy, the people around me tend to hear about it.”

Jen McCoy 

Jen loves to read. She can’t stop herself. It’s become an obsession. She is in love with her husband, kids, iced coffee and books. Jen lives in beautiful Colorado but is originally from the West Coast.

“I dislike laundry with a passion. I can wash it and throw it in the dryer like a champ. But don’t ask me to fold it or put it away. I can almost guarantee you that there is a stack of clothes on my dresser right this second….


Meet our Imperfect Women Contributors

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