11 Money Saving Websites

By Samantha

In any economy I love saving money, in this economy it is necessary that I save money.

Here are a few of my favorite sites that help me do exactly that!


This site is a wonderful place for my fellow bookworms! Simply post your unwanted books and immediately receive 2 book credits, order any 2 books you like from their database of almost 5 million (and growing!) and they are mailed to you free of charge. In return when another pbs member requests a book from your “shelf”- you mail it to them at your cost. Media mail is around $2. For each book you mail you receive a credit to order a book. It’s so simple and cheap. I have ordered 20+ books since I joined in September.


I heard about this one on The Rachel Ray show. If you have fruit trees in your yard and you can’t use all of the fruit- post it and let others in your area enjoy your bounty. Likewise, search your area and see if someone has fruit you can pick for free. Free!


Earn points for internet searches, taking polls, surveys etc. Use those points to buy gift cards/merchandise. I don’t use it that often and I’ve already earned a $10 Amazon gift card- which I used to order a mineral makeup kit which was 80% off. I paid 0 out of pocket!


Rent pretty much anything from someone in your area. Everything from baby gear to luxury items, often for only a few dollars per day.


A children’s online clothing swap! In their own words: All you’ll ever pay for basic swapping is $5 + shipping per box of kids clothes. At more than ten items per box, that’s like $1.50 per item. No hidden charges. No recurring fees. You can decide at anytime to stop swapping clothes as long as you’ve sent a box for each box you’ve received (this is a clothing swap after all!).


My new love. Everyday at noon (eastern time) 8 deals go live. I know people say things like “rock bottom prices” and “great deals” so often we don’t really pay attention to those phrases anymore. With this site- it’s actually true. Go look for yourself. Right now you can earn a $10 gift card for signing up under an existing member, and $5 for every friend that you invite who in turn signs up. With $2 shipping and many items between $5 to $8- You get a total freebie!

allyou.com and All You magazine

The magazine more than pays for itself, often with $80+ dollars in savings on things you actually use. Big coupons, sometimes between $3 and $5. Each issue also has a coupon code section  for online shopping. The website has a daily free sample feature. They scour the web for the best free sample each day and email the info to your inbox- or search their free sample data base.


My favorite source for coupon codes! I never buy anything online without checking for a code first. I won’t even order a pizza without one, why would you when they are readily available? For example….. last night was a pizza night. I did a quick check at retailmenot and found a code for a buy a large get a large free and a code for free cinnamon sticks. If you’ve never used a coupon code this is how it works: if you’re shopping online at Old Navy for example, visit retailmenot, type “Old Navy” into their search box and voila all of Old Navy’s current codes come up. At checkout you should see a box titled something like “apply coupon code”- enter it in and watch your total fall.


This mama knows how to save money! With tips on how to use coupons to their maximum potential, a budget friendly menu planner, a where and when to dine out section, how to score freebies etc, etc, etc…………this site is the ultimate money saving guide.


This is for my southern sisters. I know it won’t apply to many of our readers but it’s too good not to share. This site has helped me save hundreds in groceries. She lists coupons by source, and tells you when and where to use them. She has this down to a science so that often you buy items for pennies- yes pennies, or even for free.  Using her tips I recently spent $84 at a local grocery store- and saved $94. If you have a Rite Aid in your area she can teach you how to make them pay you to shop there. I’m serious.


This site is loaded with tips from readers. These people can stretch a dollar until it squeaks. Everything from cheap recipes, homemade beauty treatments, even how to make your own “fill in the blank”.

Check these sites out and start saving! Do you have any money saving websites that you would like to share?

If you have any questions about any of these sites just email me at samantha@imperfectwomen.com

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  1. Kristy says

    Great article! I love Southernsavers and swagbucks. Another of my favorites is hiptosave.com! There are so many good ones out there!

  2. Pam@IW says

    I love swagbucks but I haven’t purchased anything yet with my bucks. I need to do that. Thanks for these suggestions. I will have to take the time and look through some of these.

  3. Piper says

    Swagbucks is great :) I’ve gotten thirty bucks in gift cards after just a few months–I use the search toolbar for my ordinary searches and that’s where most of my points come from :)

  4. snickers says

    I coupon shop on the net, you can print them right off and use them at the grocery store. Many sites will send you updates every week. Many coupons are good for several months, so you can watch local ads for specials. Saves $$$$. I will check out the other sites you mentioned. Thanks Samatha.

  5. Lily@IW says

    Thanks Samantha, I will check some of these out. I do love to save $s. I have been doing swagbucks. I really liked being able to redeem for trees, but they did away w/that. Now, I always cash in for a $5.00 paypal. I like how it shows up…like magic, free money.

    When I had a bigger place, I was one of those once a month shoppers. I found the SundaySaver helpful.


    My DIL is big on freecycle. I’ve checked it out a couple of times, but never used it.

  6. Jennie@IW says

    I’ve heard good things about freecycle. I love Swagbucks. I’ve just gotten into Groupon and Living Social and have managed to get some good deals – my latest being a $50 credit for a local nail salon chain for $25. I need to check out some of these other links above. I’ve never been much of a bargain shopper, but it can get kind of addictive when you get into it!

  7. says

    I do Swagbucks (of course)….I signed up for Paperback Swap and have mailed some books. I haven’t taken advantage of any of my credits yet because I have still have books waiting to be read…I get the daily email from NoMoreRack. Usually by the time I log on, the good stuff is is sold out, but I know I will snag something soon!
    A couple more sites that I like: Inboxdollars.com – they have a variety of ways to make money, but the one I mainly use is their paid emails. You get paid .1 cent to read emails they send. I recently got a check for $37 from them after joining up about six months ago. Also, Ebates and Fat Wallet are wonderful. I never do any online shopping now without checking to see which sites are offering the best cash back rewards. Evreward.com is a quick and easy way to do see which site to go with. Recently Old Navy was offering 20% back for a few days through both Ebates and Fat Wallet. I spent $50 and got $10 deposited into my Ebates account.

  8. John says

    I am happy to see your site where I find 11 money saving site but I think you missed one best money saving site which is CouponRefund.com

  9. Roozerdo says

    Greeat article. I am particular interested in the Thredup.com. How wonderful to swap clothes for kids. I do a lot of thrift store shopping, especially for the grandkids so this is right up my alley.

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